Maple Sugaring at Johnsons Side Hill Farm

Maple Syrup at Johnsons Side Hill Farm

7 pm Saturday March 27

Thanks to all my friends and customers that visited our sugarhouse today. We enjoyed all the family activity and certainly appreciated all the business. We have more Maple Syrup for tomorrow's visitors, and if you didn't get the chance to stop in today, please stop by tomorrow on "Maine Maple Sunday" from 9 am to 6 pm.

Maine Maple Syrup



2021 Maple Syrup Sales start March 27 & 28. Special hours for this "Maine Maple Weekend " 9 am to 6 pm on both days. Stop by Johnsons Side Hill Farm to check out our Sugarhouse and get a fresh supply of Maple Syrup.

 Google Maps Directions:

Johnsons Side Hill Farm
481 Creasey Ridge Road
Mapleton, ME 04757


  • sugar1
    Foundation for our new Sugarhouse
  • sugar2
    Starting the walls of our Sugarhouse
  • sugar3
    Closeup of dovetail corners
  • Tapping Maple Trees

    Tapping Maple Trees at Johnsons Side Hill Farm

  • Steam from the Sugarhouse

    Maple scented steam from our old sugarhouse

  • Evaporator

    Our New Sugarhouse March 2019

  • March snow

    Plenty of snow to move, mid-March 2019

  • vacuum

    Our new vacuum system for collecting Maple sap

  • Trees taps

    Taps and new vacuum lines throughout our Maple woodlot

  • mid Apr

    mid-April 2019, Robins arrived, snow is melting

  • Suger House


sugar House

The above photos show the new Sugarhouse construction started in 2017.

March 2019 we moved our syrup production into that new log building at Johnsons Side Hill Farm.

Below is our wood-fired evaporator. In 2019 we added a new vacuum system and we now collect sap from over 1,000 trees.

Evaporator early 2020 New Evaporator early 2017